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Mail Bagging with Hitnet.comEmail is a critical component of nearly every business. It has greatly enhanced the communication between customers, suppliers, vendors and between employees within a company. Therefore it is extremely important that you have a backup solution in case your mail server suffers an outage. Your business could lose reputation because of bounced emails and vital components of your business could be affected.

HitNet's mail bagging solution can help your company to have a reliable mail backup solution. Whether it is hurricanes or system failures, we can help protect your emails from bouncing back to their senders. This service is setup in a way that our systems detect the failure of your mail server and immediately begin redirecting your incoming emails to our mail servers. The emails are then held in a queue until your mail server comes back online at which point, all bagged emails will be relayed to your mail server. SMTP monitoring notifies your personnel of a failure at your node so that appropriate action can be taken at your end.

The mail bagging service can be setup with absolutely no upfront investment in hardware. The service can be setup within a few hours requiring only an addition to your existing MX record, this ensures that you can choose this solution even if its at the last minute. At HitNet, security is a very important issue and that is why we perform free anti virus scanning for all the bagged emails. This ensures that when the emails are transmitted to you, then only the clean emails are sent across.

The Mail Bagging service is also sometimes called as a Mail Spooling, Backup mx or Mail Forwarding service. This is due to the fact that in case of a mail server failure at your network, emails that are sent to your domain are placed in a Spool. Once your mail server comes back online, the spool is cleared thereby delivering all incoming email messages sent to your domain during this period of downtime.

Contact our Sales representative today and see how we can help you get a reliable mail backup solution in a cost effective and timely manner.

How Mail Bagging Works
When an email message is sent to a valid email address, but the mail server associated with that email address is down, the email message is bounced back to the sender as undeliverable. When you subscribe to HitNet’s Mail Bagging service, your email is protected by backup mail servers that bag email messages in the event of a server failure. Messages sent to your address during server downtime will be saved until the mail server is brought back online. If your company hosts its own mail server, you can enhance your email reliability by using HitNet’s mail servers, as a remotely located backup solution. If your mail server crashes or your Internet Line fails temporarily, you will still receive email sent by your clients during your technical difficulties, rather than bouncing back your customers’ messages as undeliverable. Your messages will be forwarded to you when your mail system is up and running again.

HitNet Privacy Information
Some customers may have concern that HitNet’s employees may have access to their email. But HitNet’s architecture makes the viewing of your email inherently difficult even for HitNet. HitNet does not store or acknowledges receipt of an email. The filtering process takes place in a matter of milli-seconds.

Mail Bagging

Benefits of using HitNet's Mail Bagging Service

Having a mail backup solution can have many advantages for small enterprises and larger corporations. HitNet's mail bagging service provides you with the following benefits:

Remote Location
Having the mail backup server at a location away from your mail server lowers the probability of being affected by natural disasters or other phenomenon at the same time. Thus, should your mail server go down due to a hurricane or a fire in your building, your emails are still collected at your facility.

Redundant Network
With network connections from Tier-1 providers, you are assured of having a reliable backup service. Our networks are monitored continuously and engineers are on call immediately should any issues arise.

Automatic relaying of bagged messages to your Mail server
Once your mail server comes back online, our system automatically detects it and begins relaying all the emails. Therefore, all these processes take place in a real time environment thereby ensuring prompt delivery of emails.

No more bounce backs and undeliverable messages to senders
Since the emails are collected at our server in case of failure at your end, the emails are no longer rejected thereby avoiding bounce backs and annoying undeliverable messages to your senders.

Business Continuity
By having a backup solution, you are ensuring that you do not lose communication that has been sent to you during a period of downtime. The emails are time stamped from the time of receipt and hence your employees can resume operations smoothly.

No investment in IT infrastructure
One of the greatest benefits of the mail bagging service is that it requires absolutely no investment from your end. The service is quick and requires only the MX record to be changed.

Enhanced email security and spam filtering
With all bagged emails checked for viruses and spam using HitNet's multi layered virus and spam protection framework, you can be assured of receiving only clean emails when they have been bagged at our server.

SMTP monitoring
Pager notifications can be sent to key personnel at your organization at the event of a failure of the mail server at your location.

Mail Volume: Indicates the total numer of emails permissible

Delivery attempts: Our Mail server in the scenario that our mail queue is crowded. If the mail queue is not crowded, then our mail server will attempt to deliver emails instantaneously.

Delivery Cycle: Our mail server will attepmt to deliver for the cycle time. If the mail server cannot send, the e-mail will get returened.

Anti Virus Protection: Only for Bagged emails. Includes Multiple Virus check for maximum security.

Pager Notification: Through pager/email to upto 4 email addresses upon your mail server failure. Add pager Notification $4.95