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What is shared hosting?
Shared hosting is a service wherein multiple websites are hosted on a single web server. Hence, each client on the web server shares the space with other clients. This is cost effective compared to dedicated hosting (a single web server is dedicated to a website).

How does HitNet's shared hosting work?
When you sign up for HitNet's shared hosting service, we get the necessary details for your hosting order and set it up on the web server and the mail server. Once it is complete, we set up the DNS entries if the domain is registered through us, or send you instructions if the DNS is hosted elsewhere.

What databases can I get along with my shared hosting service?
In most of the Windows and Linux hosting plans we offer a free MySQL or SQL ODBC. You can also use Microsoft Access

There are other places which offer the same hosting for 3 dollars per month. What is different in your case?
One of the main differences is that we do not oversubscribe by having thousands of accounts on one server, as is the case with many providers. This can create a lot of issues which we avoid by having a threshold limit on the number of accounts to be hosted on one server. Another difference is that our support team is prompt and knowledgeable, and our customer service is top quality.

Do I need to register my domain with HitNet in order to host with you?
No, you are not required to register your domain with HitNet. You could have registered your domain with another company, and HitNet can still host your website.


Managed Hosting Services

Shared Hosting service from HitNet allows your company to outsource its web server and email management to us. You use our resources and let us do the work for you. This leads to considerable savings in your IT department. Your company would no longer need to invest in hardware necessary to run your website and to ensure an optimal delivery of your employee's email.

Why choose HitNet for your Hosting:

HitNet has the necessary technology and expertise to manage hosting small accounts as well as corporate accounts. We have engineers on call in case of emergencies: ranging from issues with the server to problems with client's websites. Our redundant architecture ensures that e-mails are delivered even if the primary mail server goes down. With limited access to the mail servers, HitNet is able to maintain a high level of security and accountablity.

Secure & Reliable communication

When you sign up for HitNet's shared hosting service, we make sure that your web site is running and e-mail messages are relayed in a secure manner to avoid any disruptions in your communication. Both the web and mail servers are monitored in real time from multiple locations to detect any issues. If there’s a problem, a message is sent to our engineer immediately so necessary actions to resolve the problem are taken.

Reduced IT costs

One of the primary reasons why our clients use our shared hosting service is to reduce IT expenses. Hosting your own web and mail servers is possible. However, think about the expenses involved in purchasing the equipment, setting up the firewall, and getting a bandwidth connection. There may be redundancy issues to deal with as well, along with technical support all of which make hosting a very elaborate and expensive process. By outsourcing your hosting service to HitNet, your company will save time, money, and labor.

Mutliple redundancy

As in the case with any hardware, servers are susceptible to failure. That is why all of HitNet's servers are RAID configured. We also have backup servers in the event that any primary server goes down.