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FTP Hosting Comparison FTP Advanced
350 Mb Storage
10 GB File Transfer
FTP Hosting Comparison FTP Business
500 Mb Storage
15 GB File Transfer
FTP Hosting Comparison FTP Corporate
700 Mb Storage
20 GB File Transfer

HitNet's FTP hosting service is designed for people who require high quality FTP hosting space.

The FTP hosting space can be used to store images for online auctions, graphic files for graphic developers, downloads for software developers to share with their customers, and any other purpose that could utilize FTP. The FTP hosting service is primarily designed for clients that require large amounts of high quality bandwidth at an affordable price.

Anyone who requires high speed file hosting services can benefit from this affordable FTP hosting service. All FTP hosting accounts are hosted on our High Performance Servers for maximum reliability and performance. Your FTP site will share the same quality network that services millions of web site visitors each day on our web hosting network.

HitNet is not a reseller of someone else's service nor do we co-locate our equipment in someone else's facility. Our own private hosting network utilizes private peering to national Tier-1 backbone providers enabling us to deliver your files to your users as fast as they can download them.

Give us a call if you have any questions about our FTP services.



FTP Hosting

FTP Advanced

. 500MB Disk Storage
. 10GB Bandwidth
. 5 FTP Accounts
. Virus Protection
. Data Backups
. Instant Account Setup


FTP Business
. 1GB Disk Storage
. 30GB Bandwidth
. 10 FTP Accounts
. Virus Protection
. Data Backups
. Instant Account Setup


FTP Corporate
. 2GB Disk Storage
. 50GB Bandwidth
. 25 FTP Accounts
. Virus Protection
. Data Backups
. Instant Account Setup


FTP Enterprise
. 4GB Disk Storage
. 100GB Bandwidth
. 50 FTP Accounts
. Virus Protection
. Data Backups
. Instant Account Setup


Who Can Use This FTP Service?
Our FTP service is available to anyone that requires file storage. This file hosting space is content free with the exception of the following material. Hacking material - Includes pirated software, phreaking, hacking, Anarchy, and any material which provide 'links to' or 'how to' information about such material. Spam material - Includes all forms of unsolicited bulk emailing. Illegal material - This includes copyrighted works (i.e. mp3 music files, ROM's, emulators), and any material in violation of any Federal, State or Local regulation.

Do I Need Any Special Software?
NO! With our FTP File Hosting service their is no need to download any special software. You can drag and drop files into and from your FTP site with programs such as Internet Explorer. Our FTP service supports any FTP clients you would like to use. In short, a FTP client is not required to utilize our FTP service. However, it is recommended that Macintosh users download an FTP program called Fetch that allows for full FTP capabilities on a Macintosh.

Can Users See Each Other's Files?
NO! With our FTP service each username and password combination you create is restricted to their own folder you assigned them. They do not know about any other folders. When they login the user is automatically put into their own directory. The master account does have the ability to see all of the other accounts allowing for full access to the FTP site. You also have the ability to share a directory with multiple people by simply giving out that username/password information to more than one user. If you have a group manager you also have the ability to create a group admin who will have access to multiple sub accounts without access to the main account.