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e-Mail Hosting Comparison e-mail Starter
350 Mb Storage
10 GB File Transfer
e-Mail Hosting Comparison e-mail Advanced
500 Mb Storage
15 GB File Transfer
e-Mail Hosting Comparison e-mail Business
700 Mb Storage
20 GB File Transfer

Email Hosting service from HitNet allows you to outsource their email management to us. You use our resources and let us do the work for you. Outsourcing your email management leads to a considerable savings in your IT department. Your company would no longer need to invest in hardware necessary to ensure an optimal delivery of your employee's email.

Why choose HitNet for your Email Hosting: HitNet has the necessary technology and expertise to manage hosting of small accounts all the way to managing corporat accounts. Our redundant architecture ensures that mails are delivered even if the primary mail server goes down. Our mail backup servers are located in a different facility ensuring location redundancy too. With limited access to the mail servers, HitNet is able to maintain a high level of security and accountablity.

Secure & Reliable communication

When you sign up for HitNet's e-mail hosting service, we make sure that your e-mails are relayed in a secure manner to avoid any disruptions in your communication. The mail servers are monitored in real time from multiple locations to detect any issues. If there’s a problem, a message is sent to our engineer immediately so necessary actions to resolve the problem are taken.

Reduced IT Expenses

One of the primary reasons why our clients use our e-mail hosting service is to reduce the IT expense. Hosting your own mail server is possible. However, think about the expenses involved in purchasing the equipment, setting up the firewall, and getting a bandwidth connection. There may be redundancy issues to deal with as well, along with technical support all of which make hosting a very elaborate and expensive process. By outsourcing your e-mail service to HitNet, your company will save time, money, and labor.

Mutliple Redundancy

As in the case with any hardware, servers are susceptible to failure. That is why all of HitNet's servers are RAID configured. We also have a mail backup server in the event that the primary mail server goes down. All of our e-mail hosting plans come with free e-mail bagging option to ensure that our customers do not lose any e-mails in case of failure of the primary mail server.


e-Mail Hosting

e-Mail Starter
.100 MB Disk Storage
.10 GB Bandwidth
.5 POP/Web E-mail Accounts
.Virus & Spam Protection
.Daily Data Backups
.Instant Account Setup


e-Mail Advanced
.200 MB Disk Storage
.10 GB Bandwidth
.10 POP/Web E-mail Accounts
.Virus & Spam Protection
.Daily Data Backups
.Instant Account Setup


e-Mail Business
.300 MB Disk Storage
.10 GB Bandwidth
.25 POP/Web E-mail Accounts
.Virus & Spam Protection
.Daily Data Backups
.Instant Account Setup


e-Mail Corporate
.400 MB Disk Storage
.10 GB Bandwidth
.50 POP/Web E-mail Accounts
.Virus & Spam Protection
.Daily Data Backups
.Instant Account Setup


How do your anti-spam and anti-virus solutions work?
Our anti-spam and anti-virus solutions are at the server level. Incoming messages going to your email server first pass through our server. They are subsequently scanned using a multi-layered filtering process, which eliminates 98% of spam and viruses. The "clean" messages are then delivered to your email server. Our solutions are very quick and do not delay your reception of e-mail because your messages are filtered as they come in and simultaneously delivered to you. You will not install any anti-spam programs on your company workstations You will not lose any time and money setting up hardware and installing software You will not spend any time maintaining our anti-spam and anti-virus solutions WE WILL DO ALL THE WORK

Does this solution increase the time for or the risk of sending out email?
No. Generally, an e-mail is sent through 7-8 intermediaries as it travels to the recipient. The anti-spam solution is an additional intermediary in this journey and therefore does not delay e-mail nor add any risk.

Is this solution only for corporate accounts? My business has only 10 emails that need to be protected. Can I benefit from your solution?
Our anti-spam solution can be offered for 1 user and it can be offered for corporate accounts as well. If you have a special request or need a custom quote, please contact our sales team for more information.s

How does HitNet's email hosting work?
When you sign up for HitNet's email hosting service, the MX record for your domain will point to our mail server so that all the email sent to your domain is received by our mail server. Once your email arrives to our mail server, you either have the option to read it web-based through a browser, or you can download the email using a POP3 client such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.

My email is currently with another hosting provider. Can I use your email service without any interruption in my email service? Do I also have to transfer my domain to you?
Yes, you can transfer your e-mail service to us from your existing provider with no interruption. It is as simple as changing the MX record to point to us. Although we recommend that you transfer your domain to us, it is not necessary.

Our organization has many departments. However, each department may have common users. I want the ability for certain users to receive emails for other departments too. Can HitNet's email hosting handle this?
Yes. This can be done by the use of email aliases. Let's say you have many employees in your firm, and John needs to receive all emails sent to sales@yourfirm.com. John also needs to receive the emails going to hr@yourfirm.com. In this case, we would define both sales@yourfirm.com and hr@yourfirm.com and add John as a user to each of them. Similarly, we can apply this procedure to as many users as you want.

Does your e-mail hosting come with anti-virus protection?
Yes, HitNet's e-mail hosting comes with anti-virus protection.

Does your email hosting come with anti-spam protection?
Yes, HitNet's email hosting comes with anti-spam protection.

Will HitNet's employees have access to my emails?
No. All of your emails are stored in a format that is not readable. We allow very limited access to the servers and therefore your emails are safe.