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HitNet's Application Hosting service has been designed to serve the needs of companies looking to support the "Software as a Service" model. With the popularity of Internet-based applications growing exponentially, more companies have to deliver software through a hosted environment rather than client-side software. This has led to a requirement for many companies to build an infrastructure to support a business model. However, the costs for such a buildup can be very high. By using HitNet's application hosting environment, you can save the upfront investments in such infrastructures and be able to concentrate on your business model.

We realize that your applications may be written in different platforms. Therefore, our service offerings encompass the best-known technologies available. Regardless of the platform of these technologies (Microsoft or Linux), our environment can be scaled accordingly to ensure that your applications run smoothly. Our data centers are monitored on a 24-7-365 basis with strong engineering as our foundation. The SLA (Service Level Assurance) can be tailored based on the requirements and the level of redundancy required for hosting your applications. With a vast pool of engineering and development knowledge, our staff can also help with your implementation should the need arise.

HitNet's Application Hosting environment is designed for a range of clients: from small companies going all the way to the corporate enterprise level. Since each customer’s requirements are unique, an initial consultation with our sales engineers can help iron out the requirements for your solution. By being able to offer tools for your development and test platforms for your applications along with premier technical support, you can be assured of a peace of mind even during testing and beta phases.

Here are some of the features and services that can be tailored to your hosting environment:

Managed web hosting services
Managed hosting
Dedicated Servers
Server Co-location
Enhanced security by firewall protection
Equipment leasing
Enhanced email security
Defined backup procedures
Storage systems
Database storage systems
Monitoring and reporting
Technical support
In house development team

Our methodology is a fairly simple process. Contact us today and find out how HitNet can help you host your applications.




Hosting your own applications requires a lot of infrastructure and staffing which may sometimes not be justifiable. By outsourcing your application to be hosted elsewhere you can achieve the following benefits:

Cost Effective Hosting
One of the primary benefits of hosting with an Application Service Provider (ASP) like HitNet is the cost savings. Building an environment for hosting requires a technical know-how, bandwidth, system administrator staffing, power generators, air conditioning, and UPS backups, among other requirements. All of these prove to be very costly for a company. Hosting with HitNet allows you to focus on your core business model. Let us do for you what we do best so you can be best at what you do.

Technical Knowledge
HitNet offers strong engineering support and technical knowledge obtained by years of experience. This is extremely beneficial for our customers when it comes to setting up an environment that can be scalable. With expertise in Windows, Linux, and UNIX environment and a broad scale of operating systems, HitNet wants you to rest assured that you can depend on our engineers to give the best recommendations and provide expert- level support.

Our solutions are scalable: they have the capacity to perform as your business grows. This is because we do not provide cookie-cutter solutions. We provide services that are designed to suit your requirements: in terms of the hardware for the server setup, the operating system, or the software installation. HitNet can develop a solution to best fit your needs—the current and the future ones as your company expands. Should you need to change your platform at a later time, our engineers can offer comprehensive migration assistance to help you accomplish this with a minimum or no downtime.

HitNet understands that your intellectual property is the key to your business. Therefore, our hosting environment is protected with firewalls and other security systems on the network level. On the physical level, our data center is accessible to only limited personnel, and security procedures are maintained to log the accessibility to the system.

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