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Domain Name Transfer

If your domains are already registered, you may transfer the registration to our registrar. Not only will you gain the convenience of managing your domains and hosting through one company, but a transfer also extends the expiration of the domain for 1 year.

Need help transferring? Give us a ring.


How the new transfer of domain names works....

Make sure you'll be able to receive email at the email address listed in the WHOIS database for the domain name(s) you want to transfer. You may need to get access from your current registrar or change the email address so you can receive this very important email communication.

Place your order to transfer your domain name(s) with HitNet.

If your domain name ends with .org, .biz, .info, or .us, you'll need an authorization code from your current registrar to make the transfer. Your .com or .net domain name may also have an authorization code. You'll be asked to supply the authorization code during the transfer process, so jot it down when you get it.

Follow all the steps as indicated through to Checkout.

Wait for an email to be sent to the address as listed in the WHOIS database (the administrative contact email address for the domain name).

Follow the instructions in the email (click on the link as indicated in the email).

We'll take it from there, submitting the request and following up on the process until it's complete, which could take up to six days.