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Domain Aliasing features

Prevent Cyber Squatting:

Many businesses reserve additional domain names to prevent "cyber squatting" by domain vultures and to maintain control of their intellectual property. These domain names can be put to good use by directing visitors to the web site.

Free e-mai from HitNet:

If you are currently hosting with HitNet, Inc., you may receive free email at your aliased domain! With your current hosting account (www.abc.com), all email address at your aliased domain (www.xyz.com) will instantly be available under the parent. For example, if your current hosting domain name is www.abc.com and at that domain you have the email address info@abc.com, when you sign up for a aliased domain www.xyz.com you will instantly have the email address info@xyz.com if you have requested so. This email address will simply forward on to info@abc.com. It's that simple!



Domain Name Aliasing (not to be confused with Domain Name Forwarding) gives you, the customer, the ability to register multiple domain names that all point to one, universal web site. Each of these newly registered domain names are referred to as aliases while the original domain name is referred to as the parent. For example, HitNet, Inc.'s parent domain name is HitNet.net. If HitNet, Inc. decided to register the domain name hitnet.com (note the misspelling) and alias it to HitNet.net, whenever someone typed in the misspelled 'hitnet.com' into their browser, they would see the HitNet.net web site; while the misspelled domain name stays in the browser's URL bar.

Domain Aliasing differs from Domain Forwarding in that it allows whatever domain name the user types into their browser to remain there. Assuming you had some custom Design/Development script in your web site that performed varying actions based on what appeared in the URL bar of the user's browser, then domain aliasing is the obvious choice. This feature is also very beneficial if you wish to prevent "cyber-squatting" of domain names that pertain to your web site or business. With every domain name that you alias to your web site, you increase the possibility of Internet traffic and Internet Marketing and reduce the possibility of your customer's going to your competitor's web site.

What is Domain Aliasing?

Domain aliasing is the process of registering and pointing a domain name to an already existing hosting account.

Example: XYZ.com is the existing, parent domain and a customer registers and aliases YXZ.com to that account in order to capture the misspelling of their company name.