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Some registrars use every trick in the book to capture your business - and then leave you feeling foolish. Here are some common tricks to watch out for.

Bait-and-switch transfers:
Some companies offer extremely low-cost or even free transfers. But when it comes time to renew, they sock you with prices that are two, three, or four times the amount that HitNet.com charges. HitNet.com guarantees that you’ll never renew for more than you originally registered. (The only exceptions would be if the price the registry charges us increased, or if you took advantage of a limited-time, special price. And if the registry increases our cost, yours will go up only by the amount ours did, never more.)

Unbelievably low prices:
All registrars have to pay the registry for the domains they sell, and that price is fixed. So if you see domains priced at less than $6, the seller is actually losing money. How do they make it up? That’s right – they sock you at annual renewal; provide inadequate or no service; and/or charge unreasonably high prices for the other services you need.

Vanishing companies:
One technique the “big guys” use is to launch small companies that offer incredibly low prices. They advertise all over the Internet for a while; capture all the customers they can and then – they disappear. Those unfortunate enough to have registered or transferred a domain to them will be rolled back into the parent company – at the parent company’s much higher rates.

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What is a domain name

A domain name is unique in that no other business, organization or person can share it. Many businesses & individuals are registering thousands of domain names a day, so register now before your domain name is taken!

Gain a Unique Identity on the Net
Register your domain before it's gone
Use your existing site or host with us!
No setup fees or catches. $15 buys ownership of the domain you select for one year with free domain parking
Why pay over $35 with other domain name registrars?
Free Access to HitNet's DNS Entries Management Utility

What is my domain name worth?

When searching for a domain name, here are some things to take into account:

Keep it short and simple. Use easy to pronounce words. Use easy to remember words. Make sure that your name can be spelled easily. Limit names to two, three words if possible, four words as an absolute maximum. Remember the idea is to create domain names people can easily remember and just as easily type into their browser.

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