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Developing your web applications with HitNet can give an enterprise various benefits

Minimize Total Cost of Ownership

Developing your applications with HitNet ensures you that the entire project is completed within the stipulated budget. This enables your organization to convert your business concepts into a web application with minimal costs.

Faster Development & Implementation

HitNet uses various techniques to reduce the web development time, thereby deploying your concepts faster on the Web

Customer Commitment

Our team is committed to servicing your organization's needs. It is because of our commitment and passion that we are able to complete our projects on time and be able to provide warranty for all projects coded by our team. We always go the extra mile to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the ultimate product.

User Friendly Interfaces

We understand that a web application is not only a concept. It is an application that is used by clients such as your company's employees or your customers. Therefore, with our coding techniques we design user-friendly interfaces which can guide non-technology-savvy users. Talk to one of our representatives and feel free to ask for a demo of our user-friendly interfaces that we have developed for our clients.

Quality & Service Level Assurance

We warranty all codes written by our developers. Our goal is to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. The key to this goal is to provide web design that is high in quality. HitNet does not view a project as a one-time deal; instead we see it as a long-term commitment. We are committed to bringing success to you. .

Multiple Platform and Technology Skills

With the vast technologies present for development, you can be assured that our team has extensive experience in the major platforms. This is handy if you need enhancements to your existing web application or for recommending new ones.

Migration Assistance and Deployment

If your application has outgrown its current service provider, then our developers and engineers can help deploy it on our servers. While this may not directly fall in the realm of web development, the extensive experience of our developers allows us to understand your application thoroughly so we can deploy it quickly and efficiently.





HitNet's structured and well defined web development processes range from business analysis to implementation of the project requirements and post deployment support. Our teams consisting of project managers and web developers work closely with our clients to ensure that your projects are completed within the stipulated budget and time.Our web development solutions can be used for the following:

Custom web application development
Existing web application enhancement
Web application migration
Web application maintenance

Over the course of the concept analysis phase, our team will obtain and define the business requirements for your web application. Your existing web applications, if any, are studied, and the business concepts are charted out. We have a vast experience in technology, so we are able to understand our customers’ business requirements quickly and code them in a structured fashion.

HitNet's web development encompasses the following platforms & technologies:

MS SQL Database
Access Database
MySQL Database

Our open standards enable the development of applications to be scalable and customizable. If you have a business concept to be transformed into the web or if you have an existing web application, call us and find out how HitNet can cater to your web development needs.