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"Being new to the World Wide Web, it was definitely a mission trying to find a hosting company that could guide me and give me the service I needed to get my online store up and running. HitNet had such friendly staff and experience that they guided a beginner like me in just a few short days to a great first web site experience."


"Since I am new to Internet business, recommendations are the first that I rely upon when looking for partners on the web. So, it was only due to the fact that HitNet Web Hosting was mentioned among the most reliable hosting providers that I entrusted them with my business. And I was not disappointed at all... in fact, I'm amazed at how fast my site was set up and running. Now I, in my turn, recommend HitNet Web Hosting to my friends."

"I am the owner of a small Web Design company with several clients that have small businesses. Not knowing exactly how to go about getting all my domains transferred as well as all the sites I designed, my contact from HitNet stepped right in and said "No Problem, when you get ready for the transfer we will take care of it and walk you through it". HitNet had a No Pressure sales approach and gave me a direct contact phone number along with email and said he would be my contact from now on. Even when my contact main contact went on vacation, someone else was given the responsibility to handle all my needs and did it with the same professionalism as always. These guys perform as a professional hosting and development company should. A no excuses, reliable web hosting company that does what they say they will do at an affordable rate! Keep up the great work!!!!"
" I have somehow believed that hosting ratings are not the source to judge by. That they are crammed with advertising pitch and all stuff of this kind, and have nothing to do with the real-life experiences of webmasters. Still, I came to change my opinion after my experience with HitNet. It is only after they proved the uptime along with high network integrity with absolute power that I found them in a the review lists of Top providers. It's great to find your business appropriately set up and running smoothly - that is the very case with HitNet."

In my entire career as professional web master, I have never seen more responsive and technically sound support staff. I am thoroughly impressed by the technical skills of HitNet Web Hosting customer care team.

Regardless of which problem I have prompted them with, everything was resolved within 24 hours: PASV FTP issues, .NET scripts with programming errors, ASP coding issues, database connectivity, SQL Enterprise Manager troubles, domain-lock and expiration, They were able to help.

The support provided can be rated as above excellent, especially the LIVE CHAT feature. We have submitted over 50 support requests so far in the past several months, and on 95% of the requests the response has immediately solved our problem. The other requests had to be reworked to send more details to the technician. I am extremely pleased with HitNet.

"I have been with a few web hosting companies in the past and HitNet was also a strong suggestion from a close friend, so I took a leap of faith and haven’t looked back ever since. Right from the getgo, I got set up, support was more than impressive and my site is still up and running after 2.5 years. I’m not an easy person to impress, but HitNet did that in a big way."


We have personally visited and "examined" HitNet Web Hosting's data center. The importance of doing that is obvious. You might have heard of the "story" that 80% or more of the web hosts are just resellers, and another 10% are just co-locating in some other data center, without direct physical access to the machines. Unfortunately, that story is plain reality.

We have personally verified that HitNet Hosting's data center facility actually exists by paying them a visit in Aurora, IL. As the 3rd data center we visited, it was a rather pleasant surprise that they actually HAVE the equipment they list on their web site, as well as the security mechanisms, firewall's, Switches and CISCO state of the art routers.

They are currently busy upgrading their connectivity, firewall's, servers and switches for future expansion.

"Over the six years of my Internet presence I have had painful experiences with different hosting companies, thus changing a provider more than once. Now I am on my fourth host and it seems like this time it is for long. First of all, because Hitnet is oriented towards Web Masters who intend to run professional sites and secondly, since I have an interactive forum on my site, I'm logging on at least daily basis and more likely during peak hours. I was impressed with the extremely robust server environment HitNet offers. I feel like I'm strongly backed and have complete peace of mind, never having to worry about downtime issues with my web sites.

"Inappropriate customer service was the point, which broke my previous relationships with co-location providers. They were trying to dodge me as a customer by preventing any possible direct contact over the phone. Have you ever tried to reach HitNet for instance? Me too... So far I was pleased to find out that HitNet is actually available and I can talk to a knowledgeable person, and every request I make is processed in a timely mane. They do not fail to amaze me with efficient and personalized technical support. I claim that their technical support is second to none!"

"There was no other for us. We knew what we needed and HitNet is not just a name, but an even more reputable web hosting company with exceptional support and unbelievable uptime. There are other good hosting companies out there, but after comparing, HitNet was our choice, hands down. It was like choosing between multiple cars and picking the only one out of the lot that was fully loaded. It’s been 2 years and not one problem."
"I always treated suspiciously what they usually call cost-effectiveness. I mean great web space and bandwidth offered plus all those extra features for an immensely low price. It often seems too good to be true, and quality is not the issue to save on, I think. That's why I purchased a package with HitNet - not the cheapest perhaps, but providing all necessary features to support my launching online business. And because they offer scalable packages, I can always upgrade to other features for future enhancements. That is what I call cost-effectiveness! Thanx a lot!"
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