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HitNet partners with leading technology companies to bring our customers the best-of-best managed and un-managed internet and intranet solutions. By partnering with other industry leaders, HitNet can better focus our resources on expanding our services solution and services to our customers better.

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Company Overview

HitNet, Inc. founded in 1996 is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, and is one of the oldest Internet service companies in the Chicago land area. We offer standardized web hosting, ecommerce and application hosting services ranging from basic web sites to managed dedicated and co-location hosting solutions. Our broad range of services allows us to provide total customer satisfaction. Since its incorporation in 1996 (founded as HitNet, Inc.), HitNet has grown rapidly, establishing a broad base of loyal clients. HitNet's significant scale in both interface design and development along with web hosting allows the company to provide affordable, convenient, flexible, and expandable service platforms to meet customers' Internet and intranet needs.

Company Strategy

HitNet's business strategy of offering powerful and affordable solutions was specifically developed to serve the segment of the business market that do not require the pricing or deliverables of the tier 1 and some times tier 2 markets. HitNet has a competitive advantage in serving these business customers because it has constructed itself without venture capital and is a dept free corporation. Combined with technical expertise and hands-on support provided through its local sales and engineering personnel, HitNet offers the quality and economic efficiency of its national competitors . HitNet intends to further enhance the value of these platforms by developing , both internally and through strategic partner relationships, enhances-value product and service offerings to continue to address ever-changing customer demands.

Our Mission

HitNet's mission is to provide the highest quality of service at an affordable price to small and medium sized businesses across the world. We value our customers faith in us and are committed to offering them the latest techology and services enabling them to succeed in their ventures.

Our Team

Our Team is composed of some of the best people in the industry, focusing on customer service and support. Try it yourself – give us a call! Our top rated support staff are joined by advanced system administrators and programmers to help with more complex issues. If there is a problem, we will fix it. If you don't understand something, we will explain it. We are proud of our service and guarantee your satisfaction.

Our Data Center

You might have heard of the "story" that 80% or more of the web hosts are just resellers, and another 10% are just co-locating in some other data center, without direct physical access to the machines. Unfortunately, that story is plain reality.

That is not the case with HitNet. We have our own in house managed datacenter.

HitNet is based in Chicago, IL. Suburb, Our location in the middle of the US provides for excellent connectivity to both coasts, and almost all of the world. By being geographically in a 'safe zone' -- an area that is unlikely to be damaged in a natural disaster, is far from any fault lines, is above sea level and in an area that is primarily powered by nuclear energy, HitNet has proven to be remarkably stable and reliable. Our company owned datacenter is where we have our servers. HitNet's Hosting datacenter has video and phisical security.